Welcome to The Windowpane Press website. Here you will find information about my studio, my work and the classes I offer.

My studio has many things found in a traditional print shop and bindery such as a 1926 Chandler & Price and a Vandercook SP 15, nearly three hundred cases of type, a guillotine paper cutter, a Jacques board shear and, not the least, a wonderful library.

Participants in my classes can learn how to set type one letter at a time and hand feed pages into a press, the craft of binding a book by hand, or creating artist’s books.

I create artist books, many of which are the results of collaborations with class participants or friends. My work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and is in numerous university and public collections as well as being represented by dealers around the United States.

While not eschewing the convenience and miracle of computers, I celebrate and practice the venerable crafts of letterpress printing and book making in a manner both accessible and relevant today.